For the last 2 Decades Nightclub Rescue Owner Brian “BO$$” Cohen has been saving Nightclubs & Bars from going under. He has turned a large portion of his client’s venues from almost bankrupt to cash cows. Nightclub Rescue is a multifaceted Hospitality service for Nightclub, Bar, Restaurant, Adult Club, Hotel and Casino Owners. Brian is a hardworking, tough, fast talking, smooth, creative, energetic, charismatic New Yorker who gets the job done quick and fast.

Brian "BO$$" Cohen Founder and Owner of Nightclub Rescue is the Creative Visionary behind the Company. Cohen first gained considerable recognition as a trend setter in the New York Nightlife Scene back in the early 21st Century. With successful projects such as Ohm, Saci, Cream, Exit, Webster Hall, Club Deep, Elevate, Key Club, J Sprats, Coco's, Beach Bar and others.

Having created a recognizable brand name, Cohen moved to South Florida in 2003 and created a household name for himself all over the State with projects such as Surf Club, Boss Hogs, Matrix & Metropolis, D Tour, Carnival & Circus Bar, Club Boca, Club Heat and other Nightlife ventures. Cohen was also the creator of NY Ego Fashion Line. Looking to expand into a Nightlife Empire, Cohen migrated West to Las Vegas in 2007, stamping his brand on West Coast projects such as Apartment 24, Six Ultra Lounge, Voo Doo, Blonde Martini, Sapphire Pool & Day Club, Little Darlings, 1923 Bourbon & Burlesque and other projects, while still running multiple Venues in Florida, New York & DC such as Midtown 1015, Hudson Terrace, Posh Ultra Lounge, Tru Ultra Lounge, Baja Beach Club, Solid Gold & others. 

Over the last 2 decades Brian "BO$$" Cohen has arguably positioned himself as one of the most powerful and influential people in the Nightlife Industry. He has Owned Nightclubs, as well as Managed, Marketed, and Consulted for over 300 Nightclubs in over 40 North American Cities.

Brian has written for Nightclub & Bar Magazine, Rescue My Bar and Nightclub Hall of Fame. He also has spoken annually at the Nightclub & Bar Trade show & Convention as well as Formula Win Adult Expo at Mandalay Bay. In 2014 Brian has been voted Top 100 Most Successful Businessmen in Las Vegas by My Vegas Magazine. In 2017 Cohen moved to Los Angeles & his slogan Los Angeles is my Motha Fuckin Destiny” has become contagious. Immediately he made an impact as a partner at the Vampire Lounge in Beverly Hills, while simultaneously creating celebrity hangout Made Mondays at Crazy Girls in Hollywood. Other projects such as Grafton Hotel, Icon Nightclub, Tunnel Nightclub, The District & other LA hospitality projects.

While based out of LA, it is no surprise Cohen, the most sought after Nightlife consultant on the planet has been brought in on high level consulting projects such as Basement Miami, Joe’s Chicago, Club Lavela Panama City Beach, Kaaboo Music Festival San Diego & other projects. Cohen currently is involved in over 15 Nightlife projects in North America as an Owner, Consultant, or venue profit share deal. Cohen plans to launch his brand new bar concept Moonshine Cowgirls, which is projected to open in 20 U.S. locations by the end of 2021.